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Bondage And Passion

2008-Jul-2 - TJ Cummings, Sandra Romain


TJ Cummings, Sandra Romain

A dominant, muscular man wants to see what it's like to totally give up control to a Dominatrix. Sandra Romain seduces tj cummings into putting his trust in her, then proceeds to brutally flog him and shock his dick with her violet wand. With her slave tied to the bed, Sandra Romain abuses and pleasures his cock and demands wood. In this position tj is subjected to face sitting and Sandra makes herself orgasm by riding her slave's hard dick. Satisfied, Sandra flips her bitch over, dons a large strapon, and sodomizes him. The humiliation is written all over his face, and tears well up in his eyes while his virgin ass cherry is popped by Sandra Romain. Now all charged up, Sandra suspends tj and forces him to suck her strapon clean in a very erotic 69.
I also joined to see TJ Cummings on here.. actually I liked to watch it a lot but would sure love to see more of him and HEAR more of him... his hard cock and chest should be abused more, if ever possible! thank you

-- Hierophant

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2008-Jul-2 - Kade, Penny Flame


Kade, Penny Flame

Penny Flame is in need of entertainment and sexual gratification. She goes down to her basement where she keeps a weaselly slave locked up. kade is bound in a cruel and extremely tight strapado, with balls tied and pulled backwards and up, with the twine ending at his wrists. He's kept quiet with a large gag. kade's dick is not ready and hard for Penny's satisfaction, so he's flogged hard, then led to a bed where he's tied down by his balls. Penny gets some good fucking for herself, then milks her slave's cock and feeds it to him. Now it's Penny's turn to don a mean strapon, with which she punishes her bitch's ass deep and hard. Now all turned on, Penny orders her slave to worship her feet while she masturbates herself to one last orgasm, keeping her cum juices away from the slave's mouth - next time he might be ready for her with a hard cock when she comes to visit.
Hey - another great video series from CM! I just discovered Miss Penny, really, since joining CM last month. She's almost mystical in her unique blend of cruelty and tenderness - reminds me of some of my own encounters with dommes (and wives) who really enjoy a cock! Also, she DOES have the best legs and feet in the business! Thanks!

-- garrity

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2008-Jul-2 - Little Billy, Harmony


Little Billy, Harmony

A doctor's visit like any other turns out totally unexpected for billy. He needs his groin checked out, and ends up tied, ball-gagged and flogged. Harmony slaps his dick viciously and teases her worthless slave before binding him to the floor hooks and face-sitting him. Harmony fucks billy for her own pleasure and takes pleasure listening to him moan and beg for relief as she smothers him with her ass. She ties her bitch down to her examination table and strapon fucks his ass with fierce strokes. billy's final lesson is in cock sucking, can he clean out the strapon cock to Harmony's satisfaction? Clearly not since billy is referred to Sandra Romain for a follow-up.
A nice meat and potatatoes scene, God job Bill and Harmon y.

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jul-2 - Daac Ramsey, Sandra Romain


Daac Ramsey, Sandra Romain

daac ramsey patiently waits for Sandra Romain, locked up in a dark corner he knows his Mistress is a sadist and always craves a hard fuck. Her bondage is hard and unforgiving, her words cut deep. daac is thrown head first into this session, he is flogged hard and slapped harder, then ordered to lick his Mistresses' boots. his balls are tied to his ankles, and Sandra orders him to get his cock hard and ready, she barks orders at him on how to fuck her properly. Then the worthless slave cums without permission, and for this Sandra dons her biggest strapon cock and teaches him a lesson he will not easily forget by fucking his ass hard and deep, then she ties his dick up tight, making sure this is the last time he cums without asking.
I haven't seen Sandra be that physical towards a Sub like that in a longtime, actually I think that is the most physical she has ever been with a Male Sub through out her career. Daac you did a great job taking Sandra's sadistic whims like that.

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jul-2 - Dax Star, Xana Star


Dax Star, Xana Star

Miss Star keeps her student in after class. dax doesn't know why, but when she begins flirting with him, he can't resist grabbing for her tits. So begin the games. Miss Star pulls him from his chair and orders him to strip down and binds him with rope, she flogs and humiliates her slave, and feels general pleasure in bringing on pain. She ties her bitch to her desk and sits on his face while pulling on the string that's wrapped tight around his balls. When dax is just about out of breath from the face-sitting, Miss Star rides his cock 'till she cums. dax begs to be allowed to cum too, but the mean Domme will only allow him to do so if he will then eat his own cum. Finally dax is spanked hard and repeatedly, then Miss Star takes his ass with her strapon cock.
it is a great ...luv this type of movie..very hot and stimulateing

-- adrian

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2008-Jul-2 - Rick Hunt, DragonLily


Rick Hunt, DragonLily

A masked intruder walks in on DragonLily as she's masturbating on her bed. When she discovers the creep, she flips, she tosses him down on the bed, tears his clothes off, and ties him up, balls and all. She unleashes all her fury on the poor bastard with a hard flogging, spanking, and electro-shocks with the cattle prod. Tied on his knees, she harshly jerks him off; he's then flipped onto his back and tied into a crab-tie, perfect for DragonLily to take his ass with her big strapon cock, which she does rough and deep. Finally, the wormboy is forced to suck and lick clean the strapon, and left tied up and cover in his own cum.
Great to see DragonLily back!

-- AssMan

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2008-Jul-2 - Tao Jonz, Harmony


Tao Jonz, Harmony

tao is auditioning to serve as slave boy for Mistress Harmony. Harmony wastes no time in showing the worthless worm who's boss. tao is bound in tight bondage, balls and all. He's spat on, verbally humiliated, flogged and caned. Next he needs to prove he can satisfy a sexually demanding Mistress. Since he miserably fails the pussy licking test, he's forced to lap up Harmony's ass. Then his cock is pulled deep into his Mistresses' pussy and he's ordered to fuck her fast. A cock ring traps his dick to where he can't cum and lose bone. he's strapped down onto his back and Harmony penetrates him deep and painfully with her large strapon cock, then forces her worthless worm to deep-throat his own strapon.
Sorry Madgrad but I am fairly sure Harmony doesn't have any plans to begin Pro-Domming!

-- Chanta

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2008-Jul-2 - Berlin, Johnny Rocket


Berlin, Johnny Rocket

johnny rocket is treated like a human ashtray by Mz. Berlin. She thoroughly enjoys seeing him writhe in pain as the clothespins are applied all over his chest and dick. The wormboy stares at her huge tits before being placed in some really tight and mean bondage with his balls tied to the floor and nipples pulled down by weights. his ass is flogged and the intensity makes his legs shake uncontrollably. he's tied down on his back and his legs are spread so that Mz. Berlin can take him like a bitch with her huge strapon cock. When she's done she leaves him to in search of another male sex slave.
great update, berlin makes a great domme

-- unknown

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2008-Jul-2 - Little Billy, Sandra Romain


Little Billy, Sandra Romain

In part II of little billy's evaluation, it's Sandra Romain's turn to assess this little worm. He is ball gagged and tied to a cold, bare chair in the asylum where Miss Sandra proceeds with the interrogation. Failing the simple questions, little billy is flogged, slapped, and the nipple clamps are applied. Miss Sandra face-sits her slave then orders him to worship her ass and feet before binding him in a standing position and forcing him to fuck her hard then harder. little billy tries his best, but it's not good enough, and ends up pulling out panting heavily. His punishment for failure is a severe ass-fucking from Sandra's mean strapon cock. Now Sandra Romain is done with this slave, it will be Sydnee Capri's turn in part III.
Sandra Romain is the only Domme that I know of who can take the most Submissive Sex Act and turn into the most excruciatingly Sadistic punishment ever performed on a Submissive's body. I think Little Billy bit off more than he could chew with Ms. Romain. As for me the best part of the video is when Billy called Sandra a "Sick B**ch" I loved the way she payed him back for it. As for Billy keep coming back, you make an excellent Bratty Sub.

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jul-2 - Sativa Rose, Lefty


Sativa Rose, Lefty

Hot Mistress Sativa Rose plays with her slaves, she knows they will put up with anything just to get her attention. Her slave today is tightly bound, cock and balls and all, he's flogged and humiliated. Sativa face-sits lefty as she masturbates, glad to see his cock is rock hard in eager anticipation to please his mistress. lefty's cock is handled indelicately and he's ordered to cum, after which Sativa dons her strapon cock and roughly fucks her bitch until he begs for mercy.
Mistress Sativa is hot,it's great seeing her slaves cock and balls all tied up,then whipping and teasing him making him drip pre-cum all over the floor,keeping him right on the edge of orgasm

-- treelimb

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2008-Jul-2 - Dick Richards, Sydnee Capri


Dick Richards, Sydnee Capri

dick is craving to get laid. Sydnee Capri takes him back to her place, but he has no idea what's in store for him. he says he's OK with some mild kinky playing, so he's tied to a chair and immobilized. Sydnee quickly shows him who's in charge, and that it's not going to be the mild SM play he had in mind. dick is mocked and humiliated, he is gagged and whipped, then his cock is abused by Sydnee's teeth. She face-sits him until he can't take it any more, then moves down to fuck his hard cock and cums hard. dick gets a hard ass-fucking in return.
Mistress Capri is so hot and dominant, great shoot as always. More Mistress Capri and black mistress's they really know how to dominant us white boyz

-- daveyboy

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2008-Jul-2 - DragonLily, Daac Ramsey and Annie Cruz


DragonLily, Daac Ramsey and Annie Cruz

daac is the last appointment of the day at the medical clinic. DragonLily and Annie Cruz decide they will treat him like a piece of meat. Annie has been disappointed in her last sexual experiences, so DragonLily will be making sure this male slave performs. Ordered to undress, a naked daac is bound and gagged, the Ladies take it in turns to flog his body with ferocity. his cock becomes hard, and even all tied up it remains stiff. The Mistresses order him to please them, Annie has her pussy licked, DragonLily straps a dildo gag to the slave and orders him to fuck her. Annie Cruz rides his stiff cock and gets off well. daac is ordered to orgasm and then to eat his own cum as punishment for ever cumming in a woman's mouth. Finally the Ladies take their bitch boy's ass with deep strokes of their strapon cocks, one in the ass and one in the mouth
how can i be a slave for your videos? i am in bay area

-- straysub

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2008-Jul-2 - Oscar Beyer, Sandra Romain


Oscar Beyer, Sandra Romain

oscar beyer is in for a surprise from Sandra Romain. he is confident that just because he's been on set with her before that somehow she'll let him fuck her. Tied up tight in a hogtie he's made to wait for his Mistress, and when she finally gets to him he's treated to a brutal lashing and spanking. Sandra applies clothes pins to his ass and pulls off hairs around the hole and stuffs them in oscar's mouth. Surprisingly this slave boy is tougher than he looks, so Sandra puts him to the hard-on test. Can he get an erection while she grabs his cock and pushes her finger down onto the urethra. This really brings oscar to the edge. In a final act of humiliation Sandra takes her slave's ass hard and deep with mean strokes of her strapon cock.
this was a very entertaining video!!!!

-- Herkamer

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2008-Jul-2 - Harmony, Mark Frenchy


Harmony, Mark Frenchy

mark frenchy has the audacity to stick his cock through the glory hole. Mistress Harmony is not amused, she quickly grabs it and in no time has the balls tightly bound and secured. Incapable of controlling his urges, mark begs for Harmony to take his dick in her mouth, he'll do anything, he promises. She bites down on his aroused dick and spanks mark hard. The poor bastard is abused both verbally and on his raw dick, which Harmony is focused on torturing. She continues her diversion by tying her slave to a chair and fucking herself with his tool. Now it's bitch boy's turn to get the shaft. Harmony secures him to a table with his legs spread wide open. She takes her bitch's ass hard and rough until he can't take it any more. His cock is milked and his juices are fed to him in a final act of humiliation.
great shoot harmony is really hot!!.

-- painfull

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2008-Jul-2 - DragonLily, David


DragonLily, David

DragonLily's slaveboy has no idea what he's in for. His miserable cock is cropped and teased, and he's ordered to maintain a hard-on regardless of how much pain he is in. DragonLily orders him to worship her feet while she masturbates. With painful clothespins applied to his cock, david is reminded that his meat is DragonLily's to do as she pleases. DL ties her bitch down in simple bondage and fucks his ass hard with her large strapon cock. david's cries for mercy go unheard, DL is a sadist and she will not be swayed, david's ass is hers and she will stretch it out as much as she likes.
DragonLily is so sexy she can have my ass anytime

-- Iceland

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2008-Jul-2 - Wild Bill, DragonLily


Wild Bill, DragonLily

wild bill is strictly disciplined when he visits DragonLily's dungeon. She knows just how to get him all worked up with her hot body, and sooner than you know he's her willing slave and will agree to anything she commands him to do. She masterfully binds his balls and subjects them to her own brand of handling before expertly milking wild bills pathetic cock. The bitch boy thinks the session is now over, but DragonLily has other plans. Out comes the flogger, and between that and some intense spanking, wild bill's behind is now bright red and just about ready for a hard strapon fucking. DragonLily expertly thrusts deep into her slave's ass before finishing off with deep throat training.
Nice Energy as there is something about Bill that just brings the mean out of all of his Dommes, that other subs could never bring out,

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jul-2 - Little Billy, Sydnee Capri


Little Billy, Sydnee Capri

Sydnee Capri finds a gimp in a straight jacket running through her space. She captures the creature and chains him up. Now her fun begins. She torments little billy starting with a severe flogging and continuing on to shocking his privates with a violet wand. billy is not up to giving Sydnee Capri what she demands: a hard cock. So she sits on his face. Finally little billy gets the message: a hard cock keeps the ass away. Sydnee Capri pleasures herself with billy's worthless cock. Now it's billy's turn to experience the sensation of being fucked, Sydnee Capri puts on her large strapon and sodomizes her gimp with vigor before milking him and abandoning him all tied up.
Hot! Love Sydnee. Tall and well built, she is why I subscribed. Could you have a video of Sydene where she is wearing form fitting jeans from which she pulls out a black thick dildo and does the guy while leaving her jeans on? And please have Sydnee wear five-in high heel pumps throughout the entire video. What do you think? Thanks!

-- zgreggz81

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2008-Jul-2 - Harmony, Daac Ramsey


Harmony, Daac Ramsey

A new dungeon client tells Mistress Harmony that all he wants is pain in his session. Mistress Harmony is not the kind of Domme you make demands of, regardless of what you are paying. She's going to show daac how good bondage and sex can feel. In tight cock-and-ball abuse, daac is flogged hard and his ass is taken deep by Harmony's strapon. Harmony satisfies her desires by face-sitting her bitch, riding his cock, and cumming all over him.
I think I just witnessed Harmony having a Real-Life based Thearpy session with Daac Ramsey. Such Energy, Love, Pain, Dedication, and Contempt are hard things to Capture in one video. Harmony and Daac made it Happen.

-- Madgrad

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2008-Jul-2 - Berlin, Bondage Toy


Berlin, Bondage Toy

bondage toy's readiness for the Twisted Factory will be determined in a very special Captive Male shoot. Berlin puts him through the wringer with unforgiving metal shackles, a fierce slapping, CBT, and plenty of flogging. Berlin hangs heavy weights from the bitch's balls and explains how the day will unfold. She smothers him with her big ass and makes sure that all the worm can breath in is the smell of her wet pussy. The metal dick sounds are brought out and she let's the fear of what will happen next seep in, bondage toy whimpers and this really turns on Berlin so she starts masturbating with abandon until she cums in an explosive squirting orgasm. Now on a roll, Berlin places her bitch in a straight jacket and warms up his ass with her fingers, then sinks her whole fist in. What comes next almost makes bondage toy pass out: Berlin secures a strapon cock the size of which probably should never have been molded, she pushes it deep into her slaves ass and pumps away until he can't help his worthless body from pushing it out. This earns him a solid caning and the promise that next time he will be submitting to 2 Mistresses.
Wow! Both Mz. Berlin and Bondage Toy were great. I could feel the sounds and am glad to see that captured here. Mz. Berlin is both stunning and brutally relentless. She is a true Goddess. I have been a member of other sites, but this site is tops.

-- big ragu

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2008-Jul-2 - Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade


Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh and Kade

kade's reward for satisfying Audrey Leigh is chained to the wall. Miss Audrey has 2 slaves to play with including a cute bitch. kade is punished swiftly and harshly, and he's humiliated for his limp cock bound tight. Audrey has kade in bondage and fucks his ass with her strapon while ordering lexi to smother him. Later kade is trampled under Miss Audrey's feet while lexi is ordered to give him head. It's not over for kade as he's forced to swallow his cum and is slapped around a little more by Audrey.
Audrey has beautiful long toes and does she do private foot fetish sessions?

-- meb

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